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Vote for India campaign that is a programme of voluntary organization called Mass for Awareness. It works to promote democratic values. It makes voters aware to realize value of their invaluable vote for strengthening democracy. Vote for India is India's first campaign that publishes research based report on the performance of Indian parliamentarians, "Representative at Work", yearly.

Vote for India believes that in a democratic structure like India, where people choose their representatives and send them to legislative assembly / council and to the parliament through election. It is only opportunity with voters through which they can decide future of the country. Basically election is being considered as "Festival of Democracy". This can really be called festival when elections can be conducted with special attention on the issues related to gender gap, inclusion of weaker sections, urban apathy, youth disconnect and ethical voting.

Campaign in Action

• Research
• Online campaign
• Indoor-outdoor cartoon exhibitions
• Seminars
• Road shows
• Street Plays
• Puppet Shows
• Post card campaign
• Signature Campaign
• Publication
• National Voter Week Celebration




Vote for India campaign is a registered tradmark of Mass for Awareness organization. that is registered under Societies Registration Act. 1860.

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