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Inspit of being the World's largest democratic country we (India) have only 50 ~ 55 % voting intensity, which is a shame for us. This means that half of our population is not worried about voting. Out of this majority of people are living in urban areas and they feel themselves very smart and intelligent. This is a non democratic behavior and we need to blame our self for this.

The reason for this is less trust of common man to our representative. This atmosphere has made a belief in common man that all the representatives are same, no matter whichever party they belong to. People believe that neither the representatives will hear their concern nor they will work for them. Then why should they vote and even they did not vote then how big difference it make?

But our representatives are not so bad that they will not hear public plea. Raise your voice and see the difference.

Vote for India dreams for a democratic India where people's healthy participation would be a decisive factor for building the nation.

Target Audience

Vote for India concentrates among existing VOTERS AND POTENTIAL NEW VOTERS as well as among marginalized citizens who are not being enrolled in electoral roll because of various reasons.

Vote for India works among those who are already enrolled in electoral roll for making them aware to ensure that they exercise their right to vote. Motivational activities at various levels are being organized to make voters aware to cast their precious votes and to raise voting percentage.

Every year there is a large numbers of students, working or unemployed youth in urban and rural areas become eligible for casting vote. Enrollment of these young citizen's names in electoral roll and making them aware, about the importance of the invaluable vote, is very essential part of voter awareness and education activity. Vote for India works for making new voter aware that by exercising right to vote, they can build a stronger democracy as well as they can contribute a lot for making bright future of the country.

There are many citizens who are eligible to be enrolled in electoral roll but because they belong to marginalized or high risk behavior groups, their enrollment in electoral roll could not be done. Vote for India works hard to identify high risk behavior group and marginalized population, such as landless, homeless, street based, injecting drug users, street based sex workers and transgender etc. population, to bring them into electoral roll with the help of Election Commission of India and State Election Commission(s).




Vote for India campaign is a registered tradmark of Mass for Awareness organization. that is registered under Societies Registration Act. 1860.

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