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1. Confirm your registration as voter weeks before the election. Update your registration information such as address changed etc.

2. Know the voter identification documents required in your State much before polling.

3. identify your representatives

4. Cast your Vote on basis of Performance

5. Aware about your constituency

6. Get information regarding candidates

7. Always discuss your problems with the candidates who come for campaign.

8. recognize your BLO

9. 49 O is your right, use this correctly

10.Aware about Political Parties Manifesto

11. Be familiar with your polling station and how to reach there.

12. Informed regarding polling timings.

13. Remain patiently for your turn

14. Inspire others to cast their vote for strong Democracy

15. If your employer doesn't give time to vote , It is an offence. please complaint

16. Select your representative without any influence.




Vote for India campaign is a registered tradmark of Mass for Awareness organization. that is registered under Societies Registration Act. 1860.

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