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Mass for Awareness a voluntary organization which works for creating awareness among people about their fundamental rights and freedom. Organization has been working for making voters aware about realizing value of their invaluable vote.

In a democratic system, where people choose their representatives and send them to legislative assembly / council or to the parliament, election is the only medium through which voters can decide future of the country. Basically election is being considered as "Festival of Democracy". This can really be called festival when free and fair elections will be conducted and more important than this is when maximum number of voters will cast their precious votes.

In India, we have always been talking about the electoral reforms and also we show our concern for choosing suitable candidates as people's representative. This is only lack of awareness among the voters that results victory of those who have unparliamentary behaviour, criminal background and unfair track-record.

Mass for Awareness has been working to spread awareness among voters to realize the value of their vote through various indoor-outdoor cartoon exhibitions, seminars and road shows. As part of it's voter awareness campaign called "VOTE FOR INDIA".




Vote for India campaign is a registered tradmark of Mass for Awareness organization. that is registered under Societies Registration Act. 1860.

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