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Vote for India campaign that is a programme of voluntary organization called Mass for Awareness. It works to promote democratic values. It makes voters aware to realize value of their invaluable vote for strengthening democracy. Vote for India is India's first campaign that publishes research based report on the performance of Indian parliamentarians, "Representative at Work", yearly.

The campaign is being run at both levels, online and offline. A brief description on campaign strategy is as below :

Online Campaign

The website, www.voteforindia.co.in, is an online resource hub for voters. It is full with wide range of information about democratic process and electoral system. There are various information and reports on democracy, electoral system and performance of people's representatives within the house are available on the website that can be downloaded. Website has various audio-visual materials, posters, images, stories that motivate voter to cast their votes.

Vote for India motivates people to fill in the "Oath Form" online that says thatI, an Indian citizen, take oath that I will exercise my valuable right given by the Constitution of India, of casting my vote, under every possible circumstance and whenever I get the opportunity. Election of our representative by voting is not only our right but also our duty towards the country. I will make all possible efforts to use my vote to elect a public representative who would meet nation's expectations and, I also take oath that I would also encourage other people to vote with awareness." This oath form gives lots of motivation to an individual to cast vote under every possible circumstance.

Vote for India made various information available that can be downloaded by any
visitor. The downloadable stuffs contain reports, important notifications and constituency wise data. The annual report on performance of parliamentarians (LokSabha Members) called "Representative at Work" is also available online.

On the other hand, Vote for India runs campaign through social networking sites like facebook, twitter and many more to reach and interact with more and more people.

Offline Campaign

Apart from online campaign, a big effort is being made to run offline campaign. Strategy of conducting campaign is being adopted different among each target group.

Offline campaign is being run at following levels :

Vote for India is engaged in various research based actions related to the issues of democracy, electoral system and performance of people's representatives. It works for accumulating information/data, documentation of field and institutional data, analysis, dissemination and publication of the findings of research studies.

Vote for India is India's first campaign that publishes research based report on the performance of Indian parliamentarians, "Representative at Work", yearly.

Vote for India works in coordination with RWAs in urban areas to reach residents of a particular locality. Various activities among residents in cities are being conducted with great support of RWAs.

Working among youth requires different planning with separate strategy. Vote for India concentrates among youth who are either voters or going to attain the eligibility of a voter in near future. Campaign has been making them aware to realize the value and importance of their vote. This is more important to make them understand the voting mark on their finger is mark of responsibility towards the nation. Youth are power to the nation and they can make nation powerful. Vote for India works with deep concentration among youth for making them aware to cast their vote as well as to be messenger or volunteer for Vote for India campaign for spreading voter awareness messages.

Old aged people generally have leisure time that they spend in parks, street corners and community halls. Vote for India reaches to old aged people of a particular locality to involve them to spread messages of voter awareness among residents of their locality. Senior citizens take part in door-to-door campaign of Vote for India and it has been observed that in many ways senior citizens are very helpful for taking campaign forward.

Corporate sector is coming forward to ensure and demonstrate their social responsibility towards community, society as well as towards nation. Vote for India's strategy to involve corporate houses in voter awareness campaign is very effective and helpful for the making employees and people connected to corporate houses to make them aware towards their voting rights. Along with making employees of corporate sector aware, strategic alliance with corporate houses and their support to campaign activities also works well in taking campaign forward.

India has a huge unorganized sector. Vote for India has specific strategies to reach out the voters belonging to unorganized sector.

With support and close coordination with educational institution, Vote for India reaches to students who are going to cast vote in next elections or already have enrolled in the electoral roll. Vote for India believes that students together can bring positive change in the electoral and democratic scenario of this country. Various institutional or outdoor activities are being organized among student of different educational institutions. Mega events are being organized with support and coordination of many educational institutions like National Voters Day, Pre & Post Election Campaign, Door to Door Campaign, Post Card Campaign, Signature Campaign, Outdoor & Indoor Exhibitions, Seminars, Road Shows, Street Plays, Puppet Shows, Quiz, Debate and speech competition. Students have been very helpful and cooperative for online campaign through social networking sites. Vote for India keep reviewing its strategy to work with students as this is very vibrant group.

Development sector in India is rapidly growing and civil society organizations have been playing significant role in making policies and its execution. Civil society has deeper penetration in the community than any other agency. They render a large number of the population directly and indirectly. Vote for India understands the importance and value of partnership with civil society for spreading awareness among voters. In coordination with various organizations, societies, trusts, foundations, other voluntary community based organizations and networks, Vote for India works for sharing of experiences, planning and execution of campaign activities.

Vote for India works with specific strategy among housewives and working women to make them aware about their voting rights. Housewives are highly occupied with their household activities but they are equally responsible then men for choosing people's representative. Vote for India works to educate housewives that casting their vote must be women's own decision and they have right to vote without any fear and pressure. Women have their own wisdom to decide whom to vote or whom not to. Similarly working women who contribute financially in the family and taking society towards economic independence but at the time casting vote, they find various pressures from the family and the society. Vote for India works to make working women aware that their vote are precious to build future of the country and they have right to independently and fearlessly cast their votes.




Vote for India campaign is a registered tradmark of Mass for Awareness organization. that is registered under Societies Registration Act. 1860.

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